“Think beyond the couch.”

Need help, but find traditional approaches limiting? Dr. Britt Lindon provides an integrative strategy informed by the latest research in neuroscience, environmental factors, cognition, and mindfulness. It's a refreshing blend of cutting-edge knowledge and community engagement with time-proven insights that have been around for thousands of years. When you move beyond the couch, you can achieve breakthroughs that address the cause of your problems and not just the symptoms. Specializing in high-achieving individuals with complex demands to balance.


Academic Background

With a Ph.D in Clinical & Community Psychology, I completed 10 years of graduate education and have the highest level of therapist training. I’ve worked as a professor teaching abnormal psychology & statistics, and supervised the development of the department-wide research program. I have a passion for keeping up-to-date with the latest findings and bringing them to my patients.

Research Focus

My broad research base allows me to sift through fads and focus on strategies that lead to meaningful change. My personal research interests include anxiety, emotional flexibility, stigma, and mental health advocacy and I have presented my findings in medical journals, research conferences, and invitation-only symposia.


I have conducted extensive research on how mental illness is perceived by groups such as employers, the media, and school staff. I’ve also worked as a school-based therapist conducting assessments, developing Individual Education Plans (IEPs), & promoting accommodations. Therefore, I am well-versed in the laws & policies regarding mental health. I’m also knowleagable about working with government employees and other high-level clientele where discretion is key. Compared to other therapists, I may take a more systems-based approach to looking out how environmental factors can stand in the way of well-being.

Community commitment

My commitment to the community mirrors my clinical & personal interests, where advocacy extends to fostering health & access to care. I’ve volunteered at a free clinic, served as president of a local farmers’ market, was a founding board member at a community garden, & designed and ran a program where children with severe mental illnesses raised and sold produce. I also often work on advocacy teams for abused and neglected children with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

Alternative approaches

I’m committed to looking beyond traditional psychology for approaches that work. For example, when the research came out showing that exercise, especially walks in nature, reduced ADHD symptoms I worked with a school district to develop a program that incorporated hikes for students. I now offer "Walk and Talk" therapy as an option for all my clients. Many find that a mix of alternative approaches with more traditional techniques allows them more flexibility to improve.

Britt Lindon, Ph.D.

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